New Zealand born, Ruby Page, waited ten years for her sister Nane Page living in New Zealand to join her in Melbourne to record their favorite gospel songs.

Their music style, soothing melodic harmonies are their captivating signature, influenced by their Polynesian and Maori heritage, inspired by growing up and singing in gospel choirs as young girls, followed by singing careers in other genres.

"Music is healing.  It has this way of just reaching into and stirring the deepest places of your soul".

Ruby, Melbourne's golden voice and performer of Jazz, recorded the album "Smile", followed by "Dreams Serenade", saw an opportunity for both sisters to record and do what they've always loved, not only singing gospel, "together", but to record and share it.

"God didn't give us a musical ability, just to keep it around the kitchen table (laughing).  What a waste!  It's now or never! Music is energy, and good energy shared, spreads, like a light - and the world needs light".

Best friends, sisters, Ruby Page and Nane Page, join together to offer their audience an emotionally invoking, heartfelt musical experience.

In peace, hope, faith, joy and love, God Bless.


Jenna Stephens

I watched these two sisters perform in Tauranga, New Zealand in 2017, accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ.  They're amazing singers, down to earth, and I loved Ruby's sense of humor on stage.  Be great for them to come back to NZ.

Jason Crichton

Never been a fan of  the gospel genre, but I was given a chance to listen to the songs, before release - totally loved the harmonies.  Changed man here.

Alison Ottway

Privileged to be asked to comment on the first four songs, and wanted to cry.  Can't wait for "Thirty Pieces of Silver" coming out sometime 2020.

Rev Neil Leasi

My wife and I have heard Ruby and Nane sing for a number of years.  I am very pleased they have chosen to produce  music for others to listen to and enjoy.  Their harmonies are quite special.